About Hollow Cake

About the blog

Hollow Cake is a blog project.

It will mainly feature texts on video games, films and series. These are meant to stimulate thought and invite discussion. In these texts, I would like to take a deeper look at the topics addressed and, above all, consider them philosophically.

The name Hollow Cake goes back to the statement The Cake is a Lie which occurs in the video game Portal (Valve, 2007) and suggests that the cake that is promised to the protagonist as a reward in the course of the plot does not exist.

Pop culture can be much more than pure entertainment. Video games, films, series, etc. address a wide variety of topics and we can use them for profound reflections and considerations. They can be thought-provoking or even thought experiments themselves through which we can learn and acquire new knowledge.

About me

In my private life, I am passionate about video games, movies and series and always look forward to exciting discussions on these topics.

During my philosophy studies, I related these interests to philosophy and increasingly attended events, researched and wrote papers on these topics.

In my bachelor’s thesis, I examined the debate about the technological singularity as well as the social consequences of this singularity. I wrote my master’s thesis on the ethics of video games, looking at the possibility of the moral evaluation of video games.

Currently, I am doing a PhD in philosophy and writing my dissertation on the topic of the moral status of artificial moral agents. This means that I am investigating whether artificial systems such as robots can act morally and whether they have a moral status.

With Hollow Cake, I want to record my thoughts and put them up for discussion, inform about topics such as the moral evaluation of video games, convey philosophical topics about video games, films and series, but also simply entertain.